The Space Between: Music and Media Technologies Graduate Show and Exhibition 2011

The Music and Media Technologies course is proud to present The Space Between, a concert and exhibition that celebrates new worlds in music, art and technology and the spaces where all three collide. Featuring works by some of Ireland’s brightest young composers and artists, The Space Between explores multimedia works that fall between the cracks of traditional definitions and forge for themselves a new place within contemporary art.

The concert features works that fill the space between with music and other artforms, from installation to performance and audiovisual work to theatre, making it an expedition into the many ways we can experience sound and vision. These works find new ways of using technology to create a deeper, more immersive experience for the listener, with surround arrays that envelop the audience in the creation of timbre, or a piece of surrealist theatre that captivates all their senses. Some works focus on recontextualising traditional techniques such as text-setting, the materials of traditional musics (in this case Norway), or our system of tuning itself.

In the exhibition, the Space Between is made manifest by a complete blurring of the boundaries between technological development and artistic innovation. The Xtave seeks to abandon traditional musical notation. Ambisonic microphones, an icosahedral speaker array, and even virtual loudspeakers pave the way for new avenues of musical exploration in which space can be manipulated to create new listening environments.

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Venue: The Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College

Date: 28th April 2011

Start time: 7:30pm

Admission: €15/€10 concession

Tickets for the concert are available at the Samuel Beckett booking office or online at:


Venue: The Samuel Beckett Theatre Foyer and Studios 191 & 192, Trinity College

Dates: 28th April – 29th April 2011

Opening hours: Thursday 12 – 7pm, Friday 12 – 8pm

Admission: FREE

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