Ergodos new release – Star with Maya Homburger and Barry Guy.

Ergodos are delighted to announce the release of Star (ER3), an album of works by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Garrett Sholdice and Simon O’Connor performed by Maya Homburger (Baroque violin) and Barry Guy (double bass).
These three works, each composed specifically for this incomparable duo, are a reminder of the value of concentration, quietude, and slowness. Recorded in a tiny, secluded parish church in Beltra, County Sligo, these recordings are full of the atmosphere of that countryside: fresh and spacious. A place where the music – and the musicians – could breath deeply.

As well as this exciting release, Ergodos and LEAP (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance) Berlin have started an ongoing collaborative relationship, which will manifest itself primarily in a quarterly ‘edition’ at the Alexanderplatz space. Ergodos will curate a weekend’s worth of events four times a year, each one built around a particular theme, and featuring performances, installations and presentations concerned with theoretical aspects of sonic arts practices. Central curatorial concerns include the showcasing of work by a pool of distinctive and exciting Irish composers, sound artists and performers, creative exchange and collaboration with local artists and performers, and accessible and intelligent dialogue around sonic arts practices.

The first Ergodos Quarterly Edition took place in April, with installations of music and film as well as a performance by mezzo-soprano Michelle O’Rourke, featuring work by Jonathan Nangle, Clive Wilkinson, Enda Bates, Garrett Sholdice, Linda Buckley, Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Liv O’Donoghue and Agnieszka Kaminska.

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