Castle Variations a compositional and creative retreat

Castle Variations is to host a one week long compositional and creative retreat, followed by a Variations concert. Participants will work together to create an original body of music. The entire project will last for one week, from the 7th to the 14th of August in Killaghy Castle, Co. Tipperary.

Castle Variations aims to create a beautiful environment where people can make music together in a fun, practical and efficient way, making the creative process easy. All recording and compositional equipment will be sourced, set up and operated for all participants. Musicians can use these facilities at any time to write parts, arrange sections and layer music, ensuring an idea is never lost. Participants will be members of the Variations Ensemble, a huge orchestra of musicians from all different backgrounds and styles, chosen specifically to complement each others’ timbre.

All accommodation will be provided on castle grounds and all meals will be prepared by a professional chef. Caslte Variations is privately funded and donations are requested in order to attend.

A concert will take place on the last night of the project showcasing the music, which will be open to the public.

If you are interested in attending Castle Variations, contact the team as follows:

Castle Variations Team

Michael Hickey – Project Director (086-3378850)

Alistair Elliman – Musical Director (08799102022)

Scott Halliday – Technical Manager (0879037534)

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