The Contemporary Music Centre presents Play with Music II

The Contemporary Music Centre presents Play with Music II, on 17 and 24 July as part of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust Made in Temple Bar Festival, 15 – 24 July 2011. Experience music like never before! Create sounds and images using the latest trends in music technology! Meet inspiring young composers and learn about their work!

The Contemporary Music Centre will play host to a range of sound and visual installations from music and multimedia students from around Ireland tailored for children as well as adults.


Play with Music II consists of two different multimedia installations, Handchime  and Wee-Doodle, and offers an exciting opportunity for children and adults to interact with sound and vision.

Handchime, created by Irish composers, Edward Costello and Andrew McGovern, is an interactive melody generator, that uses hand gestures to control pitch and sound textures. The installation makes use of both audio and visual feedback, which provides a simple and intuitive way of creating pleasant melodic textures.



Wee-Doodle, created by Irish composer, Eoin Smith, is an easy and fun way of manipulating visuals and sounds, using a Wii remote. It allows users to control audio, draw shapes and generally explore the sonic and visual world in the installation. The idea is simple – take the controller and enjoy a Wee-Doodle (as above).

Admission is free and both installations which are located in The Contemporary Music Centre will be open to the public from 12.00pm – 4.00pm, on Sunday 17 and Sunday, 24 July 2011. Booking not required.

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