Dublin Laptop Orchestra debut with Irish Composer Collective

The Dublin Laptop Orchestra was founded by Alex Dowling and Dan Trueman at the start of 2011. Founding members are Jenn Kirby, Rachel Ní Chuinn, and David Collier. The DLO makes music with lots of laptops, hands, and interesting things such as golf controllers, and wireless routers.

The aim of the DLO is to bring some theatricality and ‘physical presence’ into electronic music performance . Folk music is also a particular focus, and the DLO is interested in collaborating with traditional musicians.

The debut performance of the Dublin Laptop Orchestra will be in collaboration with the Irish Composers’ Collective,  25th August – 8pm @ Barry Room, National Concert Hall. This performance will features works by Piaras Hoban, Francis Heery and other members of the ICC.

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