A sort of opera from David Fennessy

A major new work by David Fennessy will be premiered in Glasgow on the 17th,18th and 19th of November. In the words of the composer himself it’s a “sort-of Opera” that he has written in collaboration with Visual artist David Shrigley. Given that it’s 75 minutes long, it’s a work that’s been keeping the composer busy right throughout 2011. And a title for this “sort-of Opera”:  Pass the spoon


David Shrigley “It starts as a TV cookery show, but it has a story to it whereby the ingredients are characters and they’re cooking a meal for a sinister guy (Mr Granules) who comes along at the end, and they’re all slightly scared of. All sorts of interesting things happen along the way, which are sung and set to live music from Red Note Ensemble. It’s a comedy of sorts, but it’s quite at odds with what Dave’s (Fennessy) written musically because the music isn’t very comic, it’s quite angular and not easy listening.”


With characters such as June Spoon, Philip Fork, Mr Egg and The Banana, Pass The Spoon, presented by Magnetic North, Tramway, Glasgow, Thu 17–Sat 19 Nov, sounds like an entertaining way to spend the evening!

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