The Dublin Laptop Orchestra perform at the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin on 11 December 2011

Dublin Laptop Orchestra concert poster

The group will present an evening of new music in collaboration with some of the most exciting musicians in traditional Irish music. Featuring Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on hardanger fiddle and dancer Nic Gareiss, the concert will present a series of innovative new pieces that combine Irish traditional music with live electronics. The Dublin Laptop Orchestra describes the concert:

Laptops will be used to create complex rhythms and virtual droning fiddle strings, controllers will manipulate sound and allow it to blend with musicians in real-time, and the sounds of the performers themselves will even be used as raw material for completely improvised creations. This collaboration aims to infuse Irish traditional music with some of the potential that modern technology offers.

The Dublin Laptop Orchestra makes music with lots of laptops, hands, golf controllers, and hemispherical speakers. The group aims to bring some theatricality and ‘physical presence’ into electronic music performance by creating software instruments that require movement and skill from performers and encourage interaction and improvisation.

The collaboration has been made possible through the support of the Arts Council’s Deis Fund for the Traditional Arts and the Trinity College Provost’s Fund for the Visual and Performing Arts.

The concert takes place at the Boys School at Smock Alley Theatre on 11 December 2011. Doors open at 7:30pm and the concert begins at 8:00pm sharp. Tickets cost €10 and are available from Smock Alley Theatre.

Further information: Dublin Laptop Orchestra web site or Facebook Page.

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