Between the Lines collaborative work by Rhona Clarke and Marie Hanlon

Between the Lines is a collaborative exhibition bridging the visual arts and music from artist Marie Hanlon and composer Rhona Clarke, currently taking place at Rubicon Gallery until 23 December.


The juxtaposition of sound and visual media are balanced in the artists’ approach to exploring the same terrain. There is a cohesion that is central to the exhibition, and creates a strong dialogue between sound and image. The exhibition features both individual and collective pieces that were inspired and developed in response to the unique environment and landscape of the Burren.



The exhibition features the collaborative video piece Relic, funded by the Irish Arts Council. The piece draws its visual material from the Burren landscape of North Clare in Ireland and was first viewed at the 8th Burren Annual exhibition, in August 2011.  Initially the sequences seem to be unconnected but gradually a pattern of cycles emerges: the cycle of the tides, the cycle of the seasons and ultimately the cycle of life and death.

Enjoy a cultural oasis from the busyness of the festive season, with a visit to Between the Lines at the Rubicon Gallery, Stephen’s Green.

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