March 2012 Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope series continues on 7 March 2012 in the Odessa Club and features new music by Andrew Hamilton, Barry Guy and Niall Vallely.

Andrew Hamilton will perform his own piece Product #1. The Berlin-based composer wrote this work in 2009 for the MATA Festival New York where it was premiered by The Knights Chamber Orchestra. The work is scored for ad-hoc ensemble and can be performed in any combination. The composer was influenced by the Sacred Harp tradition of singing at the time of writing the work and describes the work as “an attempt to give a cold, clinical title to what is essentially a slightly sentimental love song.” The composer will perform the work in a version for voice and violin.

The acclaimed duo, Maya Homburger on Baroque violin and Barry Guy on double bass, will perform Guy’s own work for solo double bass, Tales of Enchantment and will also perform H.I.F. Biber’s Mystery Sonata X – Crucifixion.

Kaleidoscope co-curator and cellist, Kate Ellis will perform a new work specially written for her by Niall Vallely. The piece, Sondas, explores ‘the interaction of the sounds of the pre-recorded cellos and the live instrument’, according to Vallely, who is best known as one of Ireland’s most celebrated concertina players.

The performance takes place at The Odessa Club, 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2, on Wednesday, 7 March 2012. Doors open at 8.30pm and tickets are available for €10 (including €2 booking fee) from the Odessa Club, tel 01 6703080.


Maya Homburger (Baroque violin) / Barry Guy (double bass) – H.I.F Biber: Mystery Sonata X “Crucifixion”

Kate Ellis (cello) – Niall Vallely: Sondas

Andrew Hamilton (violin and voice) – Andrew Hamilton: Product #1

Juliet Welchman (cello), Malachy Robinson (double bass) – G.A. Rossini: Duo for Cello and Double Bass in D Major

Maya Homburger (Baroque violin), Barry Guy (double bass) – Barry Guy: Tales of Enchantment

Steve Kelly, James Dunne (percussion) – Wayne Siegel: 42nd Street Rondo
– Steve Reich: Clapping Music

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