Bernadette Comac’s music features this month at the Sonorities Festival

The 2012 Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music, which takes place from 22–27 March, will include Bernadette Comac’s installation piece The Virtual Performer.

The work is for “virtual mannequin” and will be installed in the Dickon Hall Gallery in the Crescent Arts Centre from 23–27 March. The installation comprises of a 3 meter high virtual figure of Sarmen Almond performing a work titled, Occupy the Space for voice and tape sounds.

The Sonorities Festival is the longest-running new music festival in Ireland and is run by the School of Creative Arts and the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast. This year the festival is directed by Franziska Schroeder and Miguel Ortiz and, among others, features the premiere of a newly commissioned work by British saxophonist Evan Parker, and a parallel symposium focusing on music and the body.

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