Sci-Lens, featuring Yurodny, Dan Trueman and Dlork, includes pieces by Alex Dowling and Emma O’Halloran

Yurodny (Photo: Frances Marshall)

Yurodny, a nine-member ensemble known for their fusion of traditional with other music, is joined by the Dublin Laptop Orchestra and composer and musician Dan Trueman for Sci-Lens, a concert focussed on the creation of new gestural interfaces. Sci-Lens, part of the UCD Imagine Science and Film Festival, explores new physical and virtual means to bring world traditional musics into a contemporary idiom and into a whole new context in line with new ideas of sound and space.

Alternative physical and gestural interfaces for electronic music is the basis of the Dublin Laptop Orchestra, who use game controllers and physical movement to add a visual element to electronic music. Dan Trueman is an electronic innovator who will also be performing on Hardanger fiddle.

Sci-Lens will take place at The Factory in Studio One on Barrow St, Friday 13th July. The programme features works by Dlork members and CMC composers Emma O’Halloran (Junkyard Springar) and Alex Dowling (Foxhunters).

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