Ian Wilson’s music features in the Netherlands during December


The Cork-based composer’s two saxophone concertos (Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue? and Sarée in Kassel) will be performed in The Hague by soloist Ties Mellema and the Residentie Orkest (The Hague Philharmonic) conducted by Etienne Siebens.

Sarée in Kassel was written in 2009 for Mellema and will be performed at the State-X New Forms Festival at Paard von Troje (Trojan Horse) on 14 December. The concert will also see the world premiere of the composer’s new work for baritone saxophone and Boss RC–300 loopstation, motherFUNK!, written especially for Mellema.

The concert the next day in the Hague’s Conservatoire will feature a performance of Wilson’s first saxophone concerto from 1998, Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue?. This work was originally written for Irish saxophonist Gerard McChrystal and takes its title from a series of large canvasses by American abstract artist Barnett Newman.

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