Barry Guy and Maya Homburger curate December Kaleidoscope

Homburger Guy

The December installment of the monthly concert series Kaleidoscope will be curated by Barry Guy and Maya Homburger.

Guy and Homburger are a performing duo who specialise in bringing authentic baroque performances into contact with contemporary and improvisatory idioms, and have become regulars on concert circuits in Ireland and across Europe.

Their choice of programme for the Kaleidoscope Night reflects their interests in both early and contemporary music, as well as the collaborations and connections they have made working in Ireland, opening with a performance of 17th-18th century Irish songs by Siobhán Armstrong on a replica of the historic Trinity College Harp.

Also on the programme is composer/guitarist Benjamin Dwyer, who performs two of his Twelve Études and his own arrangement of Manuel de Falla’s The Miller’s Dance. Barry Guy and Maya Homburger will also be performing on the night themselves, once to accompany a poetry reading by Paul Perry and to perform Guy’s work Ceremony, a work for baroque violin and seven-track. The concert will end with a improvised set by Guy and Swiss percussionist Lucas Niggli.

The Kaleidoscope concert takes place on Wednesday, 5 December at the Odessa Club in Dublin. Doors open at 8.30pm and the music begins at 9pm. Tickets cost €10 and are available from the Odessa Club.

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Siobhan Armstrong (Early Irish harp): 17th and 18th century Irish love songs and laments

Paul Perry (poetry reading) accompanied by Maya Homburger (Baroque violin) and Barry Guy (double bass)

Benjamin Dwyer (guitar): Twelve Études, No.1 Relentless and No.6 African Print; Manuel De Falla: Millers Dance

Maya Homburger (Baroque violin): Ceremony, for baroque violin and seven track tape

Lucas Niggli (percussion) and Barry Guy (double bass) Improvisations

Maya Homburger and Barry Guy will also be performing at the end of the week (9 December) at the Hugh Lane Gallery as part of the Sundays @ Noon series. The concert, called Tales of Enchantment, will feature works from the recently released album of the same name, again a mixture of early, baroque, contemporary and improvised music including music by Biber, Kurtag and Guy.

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