New work by Karen Power to be premiered in New York

Karen Power

The New York-based ensemble mise-en, who pride themselves in presenting diverse, multi-cultural contemporary works, will perform the world premiere of a new work by Karen Power. cold or hot bean slurper is for fourteen-piece ensemble and was written for the ensemble’s third season concert.

Karen Power writes about the work:

‘As with other recent works cold or hot bean slurper places sound and music side-by-side. It delights in moving between moments of delicate energy, which are created purely by the build-up of unusual textures, and more sonorous waves of harmonies. The sounds explored in this work may sometimes seem like they don’t fit with their surrounding sonic materials. This uneasy sensation is, for me, similar to walking outside and listening to a country soundscape that is frequently ‘interrupted’ by passing traffic.  At first, I am bothered by the sound of the traffic, as it encroaches on the tranquil countryside soundscape. However, as I listen, the sounds of the traffic, the birds, the air and the trees begin to merge and form a new unique sound world. It is neither beautiful nor ugly … it just is.’

The concert is presented by the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society on 8 March at 8pm at the Tenri Cultural Centre in Manhattan. Following the performance, the composer travels to California to give a talk and live improvised soundscape performance funded by Culture Ireland at UCDavis, California.

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