Jennifer Walshe’s THMOTES

Jennifer Walshe, under the moniker The Milker Corporation, has announced THMOTES, a new interactive scoring work using a new social media messaging platform Snapchat.

Using the cross-platform picture messaging app, which is used to send images that disappear within minutes of being viewed, THMOTES explores the potential of fleeting moments of anonymous interaction made possible by modern technology in the creation of individual musical works. The result will be score fragments realised entirely independently of each other in venues (or living rooms) across the world. It appropriates a medium (instant messaging), the reputation of which is more likely associated with exploitation and the negative side of social media culture, into a medium for creative connections.

To take part in THMOTES, download the Snapchat app (available on iOS and Android), and add the username ‘milker_corp’ to My Friends.

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