A number of performances of Matthew Whiteside’s music take place during April

Belfast composer Matthew Whiteside will have three performances of works within three days at the end of this month.

The Sonorities festival at the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast will feature two of Whiteside’s works across the weekend. The first is Ulations (26 April) for viola and electronics, written in 2012 and which uses the computer as a ‘second instrument’ to listen to and alter the sound of the viola through live ‘glitching’ and triggered samples. This will be the work’s fourth performance, this time given by Emma Lloyd. The second work at Sonorities is the tape piece Vociferous Palpitations (27 April), which “explores the rhythmic, textual and subtle vocal properties found in a single percussive source when the sounds are stretched past breaking point” and which will be diffused live by the composer himself.

The third work to be performed will be a new piece called Paldookotous for cello, accordion and clarinet which will be premiered by the Concorde ensemble at their from Birds to Hidden Dragons concert, as part of the Up Close with Music II series.

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