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strumpetpostercorCMC presents a series of concerts in Dublin city libraries during April as part of the One City One Book initiative.

Funded by the Dublin City Council Arts Office Arts Grants 2012 and supported by the Dublin City Council Library Development Office, the concerts on 24 and 25 April 2013 will be presented and curated by composer Benjamin Dwyer and will feature performers Royal Irish Academy of Music Miriam Kaczor (flute), Evelina Ndlova (electric piano) and Margaret Bridge (choral conductor with a choir of eight singers).

The programme celebrates James Plunkett’s Strumpet City as the chosen book for the One City One Book 2013, and to mark the influence of Dublin City, which is at the heart of Plunkett’s novel, on Irish composers. Composers featured include John Buckley, Hamilton Harty, Michael Holohan, Donal Sarsfield and Vincent Kennedy.

Harty’s In Ireland (1918) was written in the same decade as the Dublin lockouts and reflects a flavour of the music written at this time. Michael Holohan celebrates his city with two works specially adapted for these concerts. Vincent Kennedy, who recently completed an orchestral work Dublin – An Overture to my City, has composed a new piece for these concerts entitled s-Trumpet City, which he will perform. Also featured are versions of popular tunes by John Buckley and Donal Sarsfield.

The concerts take place between 1pm and 2pm in the Central Library (Ilac Centre) on 24 April, and Rathmines Library on 25 April. Admission is free. Further information from Karen Hennessy,


Miriam Kaczor (flute, piccolo), Evelina Ndlova (electric piano), Vincent Kennedy (trumpet), Margaret Bridge (choral conductor), Robyn Richardson, Sarah McCourt, Zosia Kucyńska, Heather Fogarty, Richard Bridge, Richard Shaffrey, Robbie Blake, Pascal Kennedy


Hamilton Harty In Ireland (1918) flute, piano 12’

John Buckley Two Jigs (2010) flute, piano 5’

Michael Holohan The Street Cries of Dublin (1987) SATB 6’

Michael Holohan All in All in SA flute, piano

Donal Sarsfield The Rocky Road to Dublin (2005) SATB 5’

Vincent Kennedy s-Trumpet City (2013) SATB flute, piccolo, piano 7’

All concerts are FREE admission but booking is essential.
Please contact the relevant library to book.

1pm – 2pm, Wednesday, 24 April

Central Library – Music Library Dublin 1

T | 01 873 4333 E |

1pm – 2pm, Thursday, 25 April

Rathmines Library, Dublin

T | 01 497 3539 E |

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