The National Chamber Choir of Ireland perform music by Siobhán Cleary on 17 April

Siobhán Cleary

Siobhán Cleary’s work Theophilus Thistle and the Myth of Miss Muffet will feature in a programme of works conducted by Paul Hillier marking Ireland’s Presidency of the European Union.

The concert, entitled ‘Eurocry: A miscellany of Cries’, emphasises the rich pool of music in all its diversity from across the European Union, and features a programme of light and humorous music, from Orlando Gibbons and Clément Janequin to Arvo Pärt and Louis Andriessen.

Commissioned by the Cork International Choral Festival for the National Chamber Choir of Ireland in 2011, Theophilus Thistle & The Myth of Miss Muffett is based on a collection of tongue-twisters in languages from standard European to other dialects such as Frisian, Occitan, Basque, Galecian and Cornish.

The concert takes place in the main auditorium of the National Concert Hall, Dublin on 17 April 2013 at 8pm (booking).

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