The Department of Music at NUI Maynooth holds a symposium on composition as research

The symposium takes place at the Department of Music, NUI Maynooth on Saturday, 4 May 2013 and includes presentations from composers Benjamin Dwyer, Piers Hellawell, Victor Lazzarini, Jesse Ronneau and Simon Mawhinney.

The organisers write about the symposium theme:

For long periods of time creative, practice and performance led activities have been housed, somewhat precariously, in academic institutions across the globe. Recent recognition of these activities as research has begun internationally but we feel Ireland has lagged behind in this area. We propose that Composition, as well as other performance and creative disciplines, are indeed research and as vital to the academic, cultural, economic and socio-political health and well-being of the country as any other scientific or academic based research.

A closing concert featuring Japanese-born, German-based pianist Junko Yamamoto also takes place as part of the day, with works by Gordon Delap, Victor Lazzarini, Martin O’Leary and Jesse Ronneau performed.

Further information is available from NUI Maynooth Music Department web site.

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