Project Evolution

The Association of Irish Composers have announced the details of Project Evolution, a mentoring scheme that will see selected member composers of the Irish Composers’ Collective paired with composers from an AIC panel. The composers will write a piece for four of six available instruments (flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, trombone, cello) under the guidance of their mentor, with whom they can consult at any stage of the work.

AIC mentor John McLachlan explains the project:

‘The EVOLUTION Project aims to assist in the transformation of artists’ practical experience and understanding, and to help the general public see into that process. The core of the project is the live presentation of new works to a large audience. It includes the process of writing and presenting new work, with coherent theming and programming… At the concerts there will be brief talks by all the composers involved on how the piece came about and how aspects of the communication between composers affected the end product. The public will not only hear the new work from the emerging composer, but alongside it, a work for the same forces from the AIC panel composer, to allow them to wonder about aesthetic relationships. They will hopefully gain some insight into composition and artistic collaboration in the musical domain.’

Mentor (AIC)         Composer (ICC)

Benjamin Dwyer  –  Anna Murray

Gráinne Mulvey   –  Kian Geiselbrechtinger

Karen Power       –  Jenn Kirby

John McLachlan –  Ryan Molloy

Kevin O’Connell  –  Sean Doherty

Peter Moran        –  Patrick Connolly

The pieces that result from Project Evolution will be performed at concerts towards the end of 2013 at the Hugh Lane Gallery, with Susan Doyle, Paul Roe, Ryan Molloy, Richard O’Donnell, Roddy O’Keeffe and Adrian Mantu. Project Evolution has been funded by the Arts Council Project Award.

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