2013 Music and Media Technologies Graduate Show

Trinity College Dublin’s Music and Media Technologies MPhil course, established by composer Donnacha Dennehy and engineer Dermot Furlong, has become a major force for the training and inspiring young musicians, composers and creative technologists. Joint-run by the departments of Drama, Film and Music, and Electronic and Electrical Engineering, the course encourages cross-disciplinary work, from mixed-media composition to the development of new technologies with a particular emphasis on connections to music. The annual Graduate Show is a showcase of the student’s final projects, and usually includes performances, installations and technical demonstrations.

The 2013 Graduate Show and Exhibition is titled I Hear A New World, will feature the works of thirteen young artists and composers from a range of disciplines. Performed works include Isolation, an interactive composition utilising live gesture controllers; In Motus, exploring urban soudscapes;  Circadian Concréte dealing with the musicality of everyday sounds; a work for solo player piano based on blues and ragtime; a composition for harp and electronics; electronic audiovisual composition called TBC. Technical projects include exploration of real-time granular synthesis control; expansion of the surround-array ‘sweet spot’; exploration of flanking microphone parameters.

The I Hear A New World concert takes place at TCD’s Samuel Beckett Theatre at 7.30pm 3 May, with admission €10; the exhibition will be held at the Printing House Hall and Studio 191 from 2 – 7pm on 3 May, and 12 – 6pm on 4 May.

For more information see www.tcdmmt.wix.com

Concert Programme:
Anthony Wigglesworth – Impressions De La Mer
Mark Hennessey – Isolation
Javier Laguna – In Motus
David McDonald – Circadian Concréte
Ronan Tierney – untitled
Lorcan Cosgrave – untitled
Mike Glennon – TBC

Darach Lennon – an interactive installation exploring the gestural control of a timbre space using wireless technology

Technical Projects:
Neil Smyth – the development of a new user interface for granular synthesis
Ronan Corrigan – expanding the ‘sweet spot’ of a multi-channel speaker array
Derek McCreanor – exploration of flanking microphone parameters

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