Jennifer Walshe releases new album with Panos Ghikas

Jennifer Walshe – a composer and performer known for her alternative and innovative approach to music-making and -scoring, as in her recent project THMOTES – is launching an album with Panos Ghikas.

The album, Good Teeth, is the culmination of three years work on a improvisatory project between the Irish and Greek composers, producing what they refer to as ‘unreal-time surround improv’: recorded improvisation with voice, viola, drums and trumpet are passed through a number of real-time and and non-real time processes, and the results triggered by physical gesturing of the performer, inciting further reaction and improvisation. The album features Walshe’s extended vocal techniques, instrumental drones, and rhythmic ‘workouts’.

Good Teeth is the second record to be released on the Migro Records label, which specialises in releasing work by composers and improvisers who ‘explore new concepts of music making’. Both Walshe and Ghikos were featured on the label’s first release, a compilation called Migrosound. The album is available on 12″ vinyl and digital download from

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