Nick Roth’s Flocking III performed by European Saxophone Ensemble

Nick Roth‘s Flocking series is a collection of works for open instrumentation based on data derived from the starling murmurations (massive flocks that fly instinctively). The first two works map x, y and z co-ordinates in space which are translated into musical values of pitch, attack frequency and dynamic, creating musical flock patterns.

Flocking III explores the behavioural patterns of humans and our often overlooked ability to express themselves as a group, whether walking in a crowd or responding to music. This is an improvisatory piece in which members of an ensemble react to three variables corresponding to repulsion, orientation and attrations, which govern individual birds’ behaviour within the flock.

The work will be toured across Europe by the European Saxophone Ensemble, beginning with a concert at Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei Kesselhaus on 7 June.

  • 7 June, 8.30pm, Kulturbrauerei Kesselhaus, Berlin
  • 6 July, 10am, Ljubljana open-air market, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 7 July, 9pm, Passagio Joyce, Trieste, Italy

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