Deane piano cycle Noctuary to be premiered by Hugh Tinney

Pianist Hugh Tinney will premiere a 12-piece cycle of works by Raymond Deane at the Hugh Lane Gallery on 22 September.

Titled Noctuary, the 45-minute collection of pieces evoke many various images of the night, and includes Minerva’s owl, which “takes flight as twilight falls”), the Versipel (a creature that turns its skin inside out, like a werewolf), and the Mezzotint (from a famous ghost story by M.R. James).

Commissioned by Tinney with assistance from the Arts Council Music Commissions Award in 2011 and completed this year, the first 6 pieces from the cycle have been performed by Tinney at his Piano Masterworks series performances, described by critics at the time as “a thoughtful and nuanced re-vision of the nocturne”.

This concert, which takes place as part of the Sundays at Noon series  at the Hugh Lane Gallery,  is the first complete performance of the work, marking the completion of the full cycle.  Also on the programme is Chopin’s Nocturne in D flat.

The full Noctuary cycle is also intended for release on Resonus Classics, a digital-only classical label based in London, next year. The composer is currently running a FundIt campaign to raise funds for the recording.

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