Nick Roth’s Flocking III to receive two more performances in Europe

Having received three performances earlier this summer, in Ljubljana, Berlin and Trieste, Nick Roth‘s piece Flocking III will be performed twice more by the European Saxophone Ensemble, in Latvia and Lithuania.

Roth, a saxophonist himself, is one of six composers invited to write for the ensemble this year, along with Jorrit Dijkstra, Irene Galindo Quero, Will Menter, Yochk’o Seffer and André Vida. All the works written by the composers involve some degree of improvisation: Roth’s work is the third in a series that involves mapping the flight patterns and behaviours of groups of birds. In this work these principles are applied to human behaviour, and its expression in groups – such as when listening to music – and sees the performers interact and text to variables such as orientation, attraction and repulsion.

  • 18 October,10pm, Siauliai, Lithuania
  • 19 October, 7pm, Valmiera, Latvia
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