CMC will attend the New Music: New Audiences conference in Helsinki

New Music: New Audiences (NewAud), a project of which CMC is a partner, is dedicated to supporting contemporary music and composers’ and musicians’ experiments with performance contexts and audience engagement through international involvement.

Since 2012, the project has involved 31 music ensembles and 16 music organisations working together to bring new music to a wider audience. So far ten international workshops have dealt with the challenge of renewing the classical concert form, ensembles have met to discuss audience strategy and marketing, repertoire has been exchanged, and the first ground breaking concerts have taken place, including the Crash Ensemble’s New Music Dublin concert earlier this year.

The conference in Helsinki takes place from 15–16 October and is a gathering of ensemble leaders and organisation managers from the NewAud network. The meeting will provide partners with an opportunity to meet and share their experiences in the project so far, and discuss the future course of the project. A number of guest speakers will be in attendance, and the conference will be open to a limited number of observers and journalists.

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