New release from Roger Doyle

grandfatherRoger Doyle has released a new 5-track digital album, entitled ‘Grandfather Clock’.

The album, which is available as a digital download on the composer’s Bandcamp page, includes music composed for Roger Doyle’s grandchildren and step grandchildren.

The composer explains the background to the release:

“Grandfather Clock is made up of music composed for 2 grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren. The clock is ticking.

Their names are Ébha and Liath – the step granddaughters living in Galway; and grandsons Oisín (Wassane) and Davin (Little Deer from the Irish) living in Dublin.

It springs from the idea behind Chalant – Memento Mori, a celebration of the fact that there is a finite amount of time left to be in this world.”

With artwork by Ciarán Byrne, the works features the composer on software instruments, electronics and piano; Vyvienne Long, cello; Niwel Tsumbu, guitar; and Ian McDonnell, laptop percussion.

Over 20 albums by Roger Doyle are available as digital downloads, including his major 5-CD release from 1999, Babel, which was recently reviewed by US Fanfare magazine and described as, “a phenomenal listening experience of Wagnerian dimensions”.

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