Karen Power will produce a new interactive radio art piece on RTÉ lyric fm

Karen Power

Karen Power

hearSpace is a new interactive piece of radio art composed for and through Irish radio. On 23 March at 9.00pm RTÉ lyric fm will act as a live conduit, through which Karen Power will compose and perform a new composition for radio based on the idea of exploring the sounds of a particular time, place and memory.

The project is calling for recordings to be sent from listeners which will become part of Karen’s work:

We are asking all listeners to spend some time listening to your spaces and to record them for us. Use your phone, a portable recorder or your computer to record a space that means something to you or carries some memory for you. Think about where you choose to listen to your radio and why. Record a brief snapshot of this place and send it in to us. Karen will work with these recordings and select some for use in this live radio work.

Listeners are asked to record a maximum of 2 minutes of sound and upload it at the following address using the password hearSpace (case sensitive):


If there are any problems with the upload or if listeners need an alternative way of sending recordings then please get in touch with Karen Power, powerkaren@me.com.

hearSpace is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and will also feature archival materials from other European Radio stations who have been invited to submit their sonic snapshots. Further information on the project is available from RTÉ lyric fm Nova.


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