Quiet Music Ensemble plays Oliveros’ ‘The Mystery Beyond Matter’

Quiet Music Ensemble

Quiet Music Ensemble

Quiet Music Ensemble, in association with RTÉ lyric fm, present the world premiere of Pauline Oliveros’ new work The Mystery Beyond Matter on 27 April.

The performance will be broadcast live from Studio 1, RTÉ in front of a studio audience on RTÉ lyric fm’s Nova, hosted by Bernard Clarke.

Commissioned by experimental music group Quiet Music Ensemble with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland, Pauline Oliveros’ The Mystery Beyond Matter is a major work for improvising musicians and sound engineer, live electronics, multi channel audio and unusual venues including radio and internet. Quiet Music Ensemble:

’In this piece, acoustics are the central theme, not a secondary effect: using real resonant spaces and/or virtual ones generated by a computer program especially written by Nikhil Deshpande, the piece opens up acoustic environments for the musicians and the audience to explore. A delicate drone floats endlessly in a rich, complex resonance while fleeting solos of diverse colours come and go, as if flickering figures coalesce out of a nebulous mist of sonorities. “Endless until it stops”, this is a piece that suspends time, balancing notes, textures and shades of resonance as if they were parts of a mobile in continuous and gentle motion. The Mystery Beyond Matter is radical, beautiful and immersive: a meditation on sound and the mystery beyond…’

An independent and pioneering spirit who has been at the cutting edge of musical and technical innovation for many decades, American composer Pauline Oliveros is recognised as one of the most influential composers and performers.

Admission to the performance is free but by invitation. If you would like to be in the audience, please email nova.lyricfm@rte.ie with ‘OLIVEROS TICKETS’ in the subject line. Please note that the maximum capacity is 80, so tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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