CMC Library Update for May 2014

Roger Doyle - Death of Giordano Bruno

During May, works from 13 different composers were added to the CMC online library catalogue. These include works from the whole spectrum of categories: solo instrumental, ensemble, electro-acoustic, vocal, choral and orchestral works. Selected works include:

Seán Clancy (1984-) Thirty Minutes of Music on the Subject of Soap Operas
Premiered by the composer on 4 April 2014 at Frontiers Festival, Birmingham Conservatoire.
The work is based on episode 4787 of the BBC’s EastEnders series, aired on16 January 2014

Roger Doyle (1949) The Death by Fire of Giordano Bruno
Premiered by Julian Podger, Morgan Crowley, Caitríona O’Leary, Lestyn Morris and Alex Smith (voice) with Niwel Tsumbu (gui), Vivienne Long (vc), Conor Linehan (pf), Roger Doyle (pf) and Nick Roth (woodwinds) and director Eric Fraad on 14 August 2013 at Kilkenny Arts Festival.
Listen to extracts from the opera here

David Fennessy (1976-) Letter to Michael
Premiered by Chamber Choir Ireland with conductor Paul Hillier on 2 May 2014 at Cork International Choral Festival.

Vincent Kennedy (1962-) Gethsemane – Mo Ghile Mear
Premiered by Donegal Youth Orchestra, conductor Vincent Kennedy on 16 May 2014 at Rosses Community College, Dungloe, Co. Donegal.

Kevin O’Connell (1958-) Strike
Premiered by Kirkos on 29 November 2012 at the CMC Salon.

Jane O’Leary (1946-) the echo of all that’s happened
Premiered by Concorde and ConTempo Quartet on 30 March 2014 at Concorde’s ‘Up Close with Music’
The title is taken from the poetry collection of Irish poet Dermot Healy – A Fool’s Errand – and used with the author’s permission.

It’s hard
to step out of the echo
of all that’s happened and all that will…

Karen Power (1977-) Hearing Leaves
Premiered by ConTempo Quartet on 27 February 2013 at the Aula Maxima, NUI Galway.
“This piece is a celebration of the excitement that each of us feels, or felt as young children, when we explore sound. ”, Karen Power.
Watch a video about this work here.

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