CMC’s final event in its Spring Salon series features Trio Scordatura

Trio+Scordatura+7-2The event takes place on 25 June at the Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall with a programme of works by Scott McLaughlin and Linda Buckley performed by the Amsterdam-based new music group, Trio Scordatura.

The works programmed include two from Trio Scordatura’s 2010 CD on the Ergodos records, Dubh – the title track by Linda Buckley (2008) and Scott McLaughlin’s Marx (2008). Also included are two works from the composers written 3 years later – McLaughlin’s at least two things, recorded on the ensemble’s latest CD of music by Scott McLaughlin, there are neither wholes nor parts, and Linda Buckley’s their sound is gone out.

Bob Gilmore of Trio Scordatura explains the background to the programme:

“We chose two pieces by each composer written three years apart, and even in that short time you can hear a clear evolution in both composers’ music. Marx is a wonderful exploration of close harmony and the unfamiliar sort of harmony generated by difference tones, whereas at least two things focuses more directly on microtonality and sampling. Dubh, as the title suggests, is dark and somewhat Gothic(!) and very haunting, whereas their sound is gone out is more overtly melodic and quietly ecstatic.”

Since its inception in 2006, Trio Scordatura (Alfrun Schmid, voice; Elisabeth Smalt, viola, viola d’amore; Bob Gilmore, keyboard) has presented exploratory music by a range of contemporary composers and sound artists that looks toward new tuning systems and microtonality as a way of expanding the harmonic vocabulary of music. They have worked with and commissioned many composers including Christopher Fox, Anne La Berge, Marc Sabat and Kate Moore, among others, and have performed at new music festivals throughout Europe and in the US.

As always, the event will include discussion between composers, performers and audience and will be introduced by the curator of the series Ian Wilson.

Admission is free but booking is strongly recommended. To book please contact the National Concert Hall on tel: 01 417 0000 or online at

6pm – 7pm, 25 June 2014, FREE ADMISSION
Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin 2

Trio Scordatura

Linda Buckey – Dubh (2008)
Scott Mc Laughlin – Marx (2008)
Scott Mc Laughlin – at least two things (2011)
Linda Buckley – their sound is gone out (2011)

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