CMC will hold two workshops for composers and performers on 24 July as part of its first ‘Summer Camp’

Bernard Clarke

Bernard Clarke

The workshops will be given by established music educator and choral practitioner Anne Barry on writing for young singers, and RTÉ lyric fm Nova presenter Bernard Clarke on securing media coverage for composers.

Anne Barry’s workshop takes place from 10am–1.30pm and will look at writing for children’s voices, and developing and emerging adolescent voices. The physiological, pedagogical and artistic aspects of composition for these age groups will be the main focus of the sessions. In addition, consideration for the needs and objectives of the teacher/conductor will be addressed. The session will also provide an opportunity for individual or group composition sharing for consideration and advice.

‘Joining me in studio … ’ is the title of Bernard Clarke’s workshop from 2–4pm. He will outline a thumbnail radio-broadcast history of new music on this island before going on to highlight strategies for the musician in dealing with media (and particularly radio) today. He describes the workshop:

’Almost all, if not all, contemporary composers and their works suffer what Raymond Deane once termed the “honour of non-existence” in this country.

Major productions – be they operas or installations, symphonies or acousmatic works – are often deemed “fringe activities which have little or no connection with the mainstream”.

How does the composer combat such ignorance? How does the composer help secure media coverage of his/her work?’

This session will be followed by an informal discussion on various topics of interest to composers and performers, followed by a reception.

Places in the workshops are limited and attendance is by invitation only, however anyone interested in attending either of the workshops should get in touch with Karen Hennessy, CMC Promotion Manager,

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