KROCK perform a work by Seán Clancy on 11 July at the Kevin Barry Room, Dublin

Ensemble KROCK

Ensemble KROCK

Swedish ensemble KROCK specialise in playing contemporary music for electric guitars and electronics and since forming in 2005 have commissioned and premiered more than 30 pieces from internationally renowned composers.

Fresh from Birmingham’s recent Frontiers Downtown Festival, they present Three Objects in a Concert Hall featuring Seán Clancy’s Forty-Five Minutes on the Subject of Football, Monolog X’s Where a Powerful Song of the Earth is Unleashed, and Joe Cutler’s Chords on the Shore.

The concert, which takes place in the Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall on 11 July at 8.30pm, will be the first time Ensemble KROCK performs in Ireland.

Commissioned by Ensemble KROCK, Seán Clancy’s Forty-Five Minutes on the Subject of Football relives the intense minutes that took place during a game 20 years ago. With the players needing to find stamina equal to professional football players, you can hear the different teams struggle, an adamant defence against a more and more desperate offence.

Monolog X’s Where a Powerful Song of the Earth is Unleashed is a story about two spaces. The constantly changing space of melody and tone, conjoined by tiny fragments, and the structured space of rhythm that falls apart. It is a journey between the vast emptiness of space and colourful nebulas via the small man’s faith, hope and love.

Also commissioned by the ensemble, Joe Cutler’s Chords on the Shore starts off with a sense of being in a perfectly calm sunny afternoon at the beach but things happen in nature that are more dramatic than you imagine at a first glance.

Tickets are available from the National Concert Hall web site.

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