CMC Library Update for June and July 2014



This update from the library features some of the works added to its collection. It is CMC’s ongoing priority to further develop and promote our library catalogues to performers and scholars nationally and internationally, so we aim to ensure that the CMC catalogue is complete and comprehensive, by asking all 170 active composers to submit their work regularly.

During June and July, works from 20 different composers were added to the CMC online library catalogue. These include works from the whole spectrum of categories: solo instrumental, ensemble, electro-acoustic, vocal, choral and orchestral works. Selected works include:

Enda Bates (1979-) Euphony
Premiered by the National Chamber Choir of Ireland (now Chamber Choir Ireland) with conductor Paul Hillier on 3 May 2013 at Cork International Choral Festival.
“This piece was inspired by the cantu a tenore style of folk singing of Sardinia, and the profound feeling of joy which this music arouses within me. This is reflected in the title, Euphony, meaning a pleasant sounding or harmonious combination or succession of words.”

Linda Buckley (1979-) serein
Premiered by Matthew Schellhorn on 28 May 2014 at the CMC Salon.
“The title refers to fine rain falling after sunset from a sky in which no clouds are visible.”

David Collier (1987-) jaunt
Premiered by Evan Saddler (perc) and Will Bennett (perc) on 31 July 2014 at Small World Coffee, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Patrick Connolly (1987-) Breath Notes
Premiered by Paul Roe (cl) and William Dowdall (fl) on 14 May 2014 at the ICC Concert: Wind, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin.
Listen to this work on the composer’s SoundCloud page here.
Breath Notes blends a combination of pitched notes and air sounds, created using with various techniques, in an attempt to replicate the sound of wind blowing through trees.”

Seán Doherty (1987-) Testament
Premiered by Cavan County Choir on 19 June 2014 at Marble Arts Caves Global Geopark, Cavan.
Listen to this work on the composer’s SoundCloud page here.
Testament was commissioned by Cavan Arts, with text by the poet Heather Brett.

Amanda Feery (1984-) Three Sisters
Premiered by Mivos String Quartet in April 2014 at Princeton Sound Kitchen, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University, USA.
Listen to this work on the composer’s SoundCloud page here.
Three Sisters is a set of inelegant, drunk and disorderly dance tunes.”

Marian Ingoldsby (1965-) Dance
Premiered by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Gavin Maloney on 21 January 2014 at the Horizons Series, National Concert Hall, Dublin .
Dance is, as the title suggests, a playful and colourful exploration of the idea of momentum.”

Brian Irvine (1965-) Á mon seul désir
Premiered by Darragh Morgan (vn) with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and conductor Gavin Maloney on 28 January 2014 at the Horizons Series, National Concert Hall, Dublin.
The Lady and the Unicorn is the modern title given to a series of six tapestries at the Musée du Moyen- Age woven in Flanders of wool and silk, from designs (“cartoons”) drawn in Paris in the late fifteenth century. The sixth displays the words “Á mon seul désir” – what my heart (soul) desires.’

Garrett Sholdice (1983-) three lieder after Franz Schubert
Premiered by Elizabeth Hilliard (S-solo) and David Bremner (pf) on 31 January 2012 at the Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin.
Listen to this work on the composers website here
“The Lieder of Franz Schubert are astonishing in their economy. Schubert conjures such intense atmosphere with so little. It is this singularity that attracts me most. My songs are palimpsests – distillations, celebrations and reflections…”

Gareth Williams (1977-) the song, the stars, the blossom
Premiered by Catrin Orr (S-solo) with The Orchestra of Scottish Opera on 1 June 2014 at St. Andrew’s in the Square, Glasgow, Scotland.
Listen to this work on the composer’s SoundCloud page here
Three settings of extracts from writer Dennis Potter’s last interview in 1994.

Kevin Volans (1949-) Concerto for Solo Percussion and Ensemble
Premiered by Jonny Axelsson (perc) with KammerensembleN on 8 March 2014 at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden.
“This piece was written for Jonny Axelsson and KammerensembleN, Stockholm. The ensemble is divided into 2 groups and there is a ‘shadow’ percussionist. Ideally, both ensembles should be placed far apart, on either side of the soloist. The Shadow percussionist should be offstage (opposite the soloist) or at the back of the hall opposite the soloist. The audience should be able to move freely around the auditorium.”

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