CMC will attend the final New Music::New Audiences conference in September

New Music: New Audiences (NewAud) is a European project which has dedicated itself over the last two years to answering two very important questions for new music. What is the best way for new music to reach its audience? How can new music reach a bigger audience?

Since 2012, the project has involved 31 music ensembles and 16 music organisations, and has attempted to answer these questions through a mix of concerts and dialogue among the participating partners. Many experiments have taken place across these two project years in terms of concert production and presentation by the participating Ensembles.

CMC is responsible for the involvement of the Irish Ensembles, which are the Crash Ensemble and the ConTempo String Quartet. Both have been active participants in the project performing a number of concerts involving repertoire from the other countries, and participating in meetings and conferences organised as part of the project.

The final conference, which takes place on 26 and 27 September 2014 at Warsaw University during the Warsaw Autumn Festival, will review the results of the co-operation and will conclude the project.

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