A new CD by John Kinsella of his 5th and 10th symphonies has been released

TOCC0242-jc-cover-225x-D004E9C0 (1)The release comes from the UK-based Toccata Classics label and features live recordings of the two works by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and Colman Pearce, and the Irish Chamber Orchestra with Gábor Takács-Nagy.

Based on the settings of humanist poetry by three Irish poets killed in the 1916 Uprising, Symphony No. 5, The 1916 Poets, was written in 1992 and includes a part for a speaker (Bill Golding) and baritone (Gerard O’Connor). His 10th symphony was composed in 2010 for a small classical sized orchestra and was premiered by the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

The CD, which is currently for sale direct from Toccata Classics, will be available for sale from our shop shortly.

Listen to an short interview with John Kinsella about the release

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