Muzika Trio perform Martin O’Leary’s works in Maynooth and Dublin during October

542184dcbb5c9.imageBased in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Muzika Trio have performed Martin O’Leary’s Bluescape in the US in 2011. As a result of these performances, the composer wrote a new work for them, Avanti, which was premiered in the US by the ensemble in 2013.

The two works will be performed for the first time together in Ireland as a complete work, entitled Diptych. The composer writes about the background:

‘Avanti was written between September and November of 2012, and was intended as a complimentary piece, and also a contrast with Bluescape. The latter is a slow piece (with a fast introduction) and the former work is for the main part quickly paced, although it does have slower music as well. The idea was that both pieces could be played together or separately. In fact, both pieces share some of the same basic material, and also conclude with the same notes – I’m not sure if this just happened or if it was a conscious decision – probably a mixture of both! Hearing both works performed together in Kenosha led me to cement the union of the two pieces and I decided to title the overall work Diptych. The idea of a work which contains a number of pieces (or movements) which can be performed separately is one I have used before – in my Missa Sacra (1989–93) for voices and organ, Sonata Schumanniana for piano (1994–2000) and also 6 Preludes for guitar (2006–7).’

The performances take place at NUI Maynooth on 9 October at 1.10pm and the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin on 12 October at 1.30pm.

See also: Martin O’Leary’s report from attending the premiere of Avanti by the trio last year.

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