Ergodos release a new album of music by Judith Ring

JudithRing_photobyLauraSheeranThe release, What was, features work by Judith Ring from 2006 to the present and is the first solo release of her music.

With performances by Paul Roe, Kate Ellis, Malachy Robinson, Michelle O’Rourke, Natasha Lohan and Concorde, Laura Moody and Beau Stocker, the album provides an overview of the composer’s work to date and includes recordings of Swelt belly at dawn (2013), Up to my f-holes (2008), and Mouthpiece (2006). 

From Ergodos:

‘Judith Ring gets in a room with her musician and she starts recording. There are no pre-conceived ideas, no strategies. A feedback loop is set in motion: a sound is created, a change is suggested — ‘higher‘, ‘harsher’, ‘more pressure’, ‘lighter’, ‘darker’ — and more sounds come to life. Raw material is generated from actions, not plans.

What was documents the sensuous, rich and dark results of a painterly, highly personal approach to composition; it is the first album devoted solely to the last decade of music by Ring, one of Ireland’s most important composers.’

Born in Dublin, Judith Ring holds an MPhil in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD in music composition from the University of York. She studied with Donnacha Dennehy, Roger Doyle, Ambrose Field and Roger Marsh and has worked with musicians throughout Europe and North America. She currently runs Strike the Air with fellow musician Laura Hyland, producing the monthly “Listen at Lilliput” showcase at Lilliput Press in Stoneybatter, Dublin.

The album, which features cover art from a painting by the composer, is available to order or download direct from the Ergodos web site.

Watch a short video about the release, produced by Unit1 TV

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