A new series Scoring History programmed by composer Ian Wilson takes place during November

Featuring the Vanbrugh Quartet, whom Ian Wilson has collaborated with for over 20 years, Scoring History explores the last 200 years of the string quartet canon, and includes four concerts focused on four themes.

The themes – Folk, Distant Lands, Conflict and Solitudes – are devised to “connect with some of the most important and transformative events in human history”, says Ian Wilson, and include works by major composers of the string quartet repertoire, such as Schubert, Dvorák, Shostakovich and Beethoven, among others.

Central to each of the programmes are 6 of Ian Wilson’s String Quartets which span an 18 year period from the 3rd (1996) to his 15th (2014). Wilson, who this year celebrates his 50th birthday in 2014, is a prolific string quartet composer and has written sixteen string quartets to date, many of which have been performed numerous times and recorded commercially. The series is the first ever retrospective of the composer’s work in the string quartet genre.

The concerts takes place in the Engineering Library of the National Concert Hall, Dublin at 6pm each Friday during November.

Tickets are available from the National Concert Hall web site – www.nch.ie.

Download a brochure of the series here.


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