New Music Digest: 9 – 15 February

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Events This Week

Isabelle O’Connell will perform her AIC Irish Canon programme of piano music by Irish composers in New York

  • 11 Feb, 7.30pm, Irish American Historical Society, New York
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Another New York event features a premiere of a work by Frank Corcoran, Quasi una Storia

  • 15 Feb, 3pm, Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, New York

A guitar and soprano duo will perform Ian Wilson‘s fola is uisce (blood and water) in Switzerland

  • 11 Feb, 8pm, Elizabethsaal, Basel, Switzerland

The Music Composition Centre at Trinity College Dublin present a lecture by their Head of Music, Simon Trezise

  • 12 Feb, 6pm, Boydell Room, Trinity College Dublin
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An Insights talk presented by the National Concert Hall explores the history of music for piano and violin, and how composers and performers approach the instruments in a contemporary context

  • 10 Feb, 6.45pm, National Concert Hall, Dublin
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The Improvised Music Company present a concert of Slovenian composer/pianist Kaja Draksler at Sundays@Noon

  • 15 Feb, 12pm, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
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Composer Enda Bates has uploaded a playlist of a number of his works from the past few years

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