Quiet Music Ensemble release new CD on 6 March

Cork-based experimental music group Quiet Music Ensemble will release their debut album on 6 March in a reception with visiting US broadcaster John Schaefer.

The album is titled The Mysteries Beyond Matter and will be released on Farpoint Recordings, the record label owned by sound artists Anthony Kelly and David Stalling. The album includes specially commissioned works by composers David Toop, Alvin Lucier and Pauline Oliveros.

Track Listing:

Photo of CD artwork by John Godfrey

Photo of CD artwork by John Godfrey

1/ night leaves breathing | David Toop | 20’03”
2/ Shadow Lines | Alvin Lucier | 14’30”
3/ The Mystery Beyond Matter | Pauline Oliveros | 23’38”
4/ hand tinted | John Godfrey | 12’41”

The ensemble counts among its members some of the top instrumental performers in Ireland, including Sean MacErlaine (clarinets), Ilse de Ziah (cello), Daniel Bodwell (bass), Roddy O’Keefe (trombone), John Godfrey (guitar) and sound engineer Alexis Nealon. John Godfrey, the ensemble’s director:

“Over the years since QME was formed, we’ve played a lot of fantastic music by many different artists from Ireland and abroad. It’s very exciting, not to mention an absolute delight, to be able to finally commit to disc recordings of the very special pieces written for us by David Toop, Alvin Lucier and Pauline Oliveros, plus a piece of my own. Working with the players of QME is always an immense pleasure for me – I think this CD will tell people a lot about why! – and I’m very happy we’ll be joining the remarkable musical community that’s represented by Farpoint’s catalogue.”

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