Michelle O’Rourke premieres new song collection by Simon O’Connor

Ergodos – the production company and record label run by composers Garrett Sholdice and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly – present the premiere of a new song collection by composer Simon O’Connor, commissioned and performed by vocalist Michelle O’Rourke.

The song cycle marks the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, drawing on first sources, the real experience and emotions of women closely connected to the conflict, including Lillie Connolly, Grae and Muriel Gifford and Agnes Mallin. Developed by Michelle O’Rourke and Simon O’Connor, the works began as vocal and piano works, but have grown to an expanded line-up featuring members of Dublin rock band The Jimmy Cake.

In O’Connor’s words (from www.ergodos.ie): “With these songs, we hope to give life to some of these feelings, these emotions and the sense of loss felt by many women and children who were left behind by men who were dominated by what they felt was a higher calling.

The premiere of the works takes place at the Little Museum of Dublin where O’Connor is curator, as part of Ergodos’ Santa Rita Concerts series, on 25 March at 7pm. Tickets available from http://ergodos.ie/event/the-santa-rita-concerts-michelle-orourke/

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