UK new music group Icebreaker perform Irish composers’ works in Birmingham

IcebreakerThe concert, which takes place at the Birmingham Conservatoire today (21 April 2015) as part of the Frontiers Series, includes works by Ed Bennett, Linda Buckley and Roy Carroll.

Entitled ‘Icebreaker Recycled’, the programme is based on the idea of recycling with five new works and one classic. Ed Bennett’s work Suspect Device recycles the song by 1970s Northern Ireland punk band Stiff Little Fingers, while Roy Carroll‘s Towards-Against uses feedback loops made from the recorded sounds of instruments. The programme also features a new work specially written for Icebreaker from Linda Buckley, Azure. Also on the programme is Matt Wright and Paul Whitty and Julia Wolfe’s Big Beautiful Dark and Scary.

Listen to Icebreaker’s radio show which includes recordings of some of the works from the programme.

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