A new album featuring the music of Paul McGuire has been released

Sleep Spindles is the debut full-length album of Dublin-born, London-based composer Paul McGuire.

Released on the Slip label, the album features three of the composer’s most recent works – cello work Tampered performerd by Céline Papion, a work for twelve guitars, Marshesand the title track for percussion, performed by the composer.

From the label’s press release:

McGuire’s fastidious pieces wrench the fizzes, crackles, and hums of acoustic instruments into towering swarms of sound. Sleep Spindles collects three of his most focussed, guttural works to date. On ‘Tampered’, the minute squeaks of Céline Papion’s cello are gathered in solid hunks; the microtonal guitar drones of ‘Marshes’ are part seduction, part dread; and ‘Sleep Spindles’ gleans an earthy poise from the skins of a simple percussion set-up.

Sleep Spindles makes the nanoscopic speak with exquisite force, and carves out a defiant zone between the luxurious washes of ambient maestros like Tim Hecker, and the more rarified noise compositions of Helmut Lachenmann. Sleep Spindles is available from June in a limited 300 CD run, with artwork by Dori Deng.

The album is available as a limited edition CD or digital download from Bandcamp.

Listen to an interview recorded with Paul McGuire about the CD.

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