Culture Night at the Contemporary Music Centre


Gavin Brennan and Aileen Cahill

CMC celebrates Culture Night 2015 on 18 September with an evening of exciting new music and conversation from 6.30–10.00pm.

Admission is free and the Centre’s highly successful salon series will feature across the night, interspersed with electronic sets in the Centre’s outdoor courtyard and culminating in a unique opportunity for Dublin audiences to experience crOw, a unique improvising duo.

The night opens with a Salon event from duo Gavin Brennan (saxophone) and Aileen Cahill (keyboard) with works by Greg Caffrey, Ciaran Farrell, Eric Sweeney, Philip Martin, John Gibson and Deirdre McKay.

Following this, composer Gavin Prior will give an outdoor performance of his live electronic work 花火子(Fireworks Child) in CMC’s courtyard, a work named after Koko, the first gorilla to participate in research on the linguistic capabilities of her species. Prior is a member of United Bible Studies and currently plays in the noise duo Toymonger and Free Jazz/Metal Trio Tarracoir.

Composer Anna Murray and soprano Michelle O’Rourke feature in the second Salon event of the evening performing LIT, a new work which they will develop in CMC across the week leading up to Culture Night. Also on the programme is Aimai, a work which features in the compilation album just released by UK based label Demerara, live electronics from Anna Murray and a number of works performed by Michelle O’Rourke.


Michelle O’Rourke (photo: Matt Grum)

Dublin-based composer and musician Enda Bates will perform two works for live electronics and tabletop electric guitar. This unusual instrument is fitted with a third bridge giving two distinct sets of notes which can be played with both hands, much like a zither. The first work, Guitar Map Dowser, is a live improvisation and the second piece will be a new work, composed specifically for Culture Night 2015.

A surprise element to the night will be a performance by composer Seán Clancy. Seán will work in CMC across the week leading up to Culture Night and will develop a multi-media piece for electronics and visual media. A new departure for Sean who has built up a considerable body of work based on notated scores, this residency and performance will allow Sean explore new working methods in his artistic practice.

The evening concludes with the Dublin debut performance on the ground floor of CMC of crOw, a duo featuring Cathal Roche on saxophones and Ian Wilson on live electronics and sound objects. crOw’s music crosses borders and boundaries but is at its heart expressive, colourful and textural.


630pm – 715pm – Brennan – Cahill Duo

Gavin Brennan (saxophone) and Aileen Cahill (piano)

Greg Caffrey | Honk
Ciaran Farrell | The Garden, The Lake, The Woods
Eric Sweeney | Duo
Greg Caffrey | Two Little Miniatures
Philip Martin | The Rainbow Comes and Goes
John Gibson | Moladh go deo le Dia
Deirdre McKay | The Moon

CMC Library

715pm – 730pm – Gavin Prior (electronics)

花火子(Fireworks Child)

Outdoor Courtyard

730pm – 815pm – Anna Murrary (live electronics) and Michelle O’Rourke (soprano)

LIT – new work
CMC Library

815pm – 830pm – Enda Bates  – Tabletop electric guitar and live electronics

Guitar Map Dowser – Premiere live performance
New Work – World Premiere

Outdoor Courtyard

830pm – 915pm – Sean Clancy

Culmination of week-long residency in CMC prior to Culture Night

915pm – 10pm – crOw

Cathal Roche (saxophones) and Ian Wilson (live electronics)

A live improvised set from a unique improvising duo comprising saxophones, live electronics and sound objects

CMC Ground Floor

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