A new multimedia work by Ian Wilson is premiered in Bandon on 27 September

Cliodhna_Ryan_resize_10Feldwege/Holzwege is the title of Ian Wilson’s latest work. The piece is a multimedia work with film by Johnnie Lawson, and features a performance by violinist Cliondha Ryan with live electronics.

Commissioned with funds from Cork County Council, the piece interacts with a film of North-west Irish landscapes by Irish video artist Johnnie Lawson.

From the programme note about the work:

Feldwege/Holzwege is an imaginative coupling of live score and pre-recorded video & audio. Rather than the usual presentation of live music with accompanying images which bear little relation to each other, in this work the live score directly and meaningfully engages with the film and its accompanying sound, each enhancing the other, the whole providing an immersive and unified experience for the audience. In German, a Feldweg is a path into a field (or, by extension, into any landscape) and a Holzweg is literally a path through a wood; however, the latter can also mean to be on a ‘wild goose chase’ and therefore this title, juxtaposing literal and metaphoric landscapes and journeys, provides a useful idea of what the piece sets out to achieve.

The performance takes place as part of the Engage Festival, Bandon at 8.30pm.

Further details from www.engageartsfestival.com.

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