A new opera by Jürgen Simpson is premiered in Canada this month

The opera, air india [redacted], will be premiered in Canada this week, with four further performances to follow.

The work by Limerick-based composer Jürgen Simpson with director Tom Creed and artist John Galvin, marks the 30th anniversary of the bombing of the Air India Flight 182. The bombing of the flight took the lives of 329 people, the majority of whom were Canadians of Indian descent, and occurred over Irish airspace. The new work reflects on this connection through tragedy between Ireland and Canada. It is the result of over five years research and planning by Simpson, and is inspired by the work of the poet Renée Sarojini Saklikar in her award-winning book children of air india.

The piece will be performed at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, and will also mark their 50th anniversary, as well as the performers Turning Point Ensemble’s 10th anniversary. It also features three vocalists – Zorana Sadiq (soprano), Daniel Cabena (countertenor) and Alexander Dobson (bar) – as well as musical director Owen Underhill, theatre director Tom Creed, and projections by artist John Galvin.

More on the project and its background is available here.

Full details on the performances can be found on SFU’s website.

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