Cork Film Festival features music and performances from Irish composers and musicians

The Cork Film Festival, taking place all this week, features a number of performances and films with music by Irish composers.

Earlier in the festival, Cloud of Skin a new experimental documentary film by Maximilian Le Cain was premiered at Triskel Christchurch. The film explores the bond between a man and his deceased partner, a blind visionary, presented as a kind of ‘fever-dream’ sequence, with soundscape music by composer Karen Power. Le Cain and Power have collaborated on a number of works in the past, both short audiovisual pieces and feature-length films.

An film-and-music piece by Jennifer Walshe, An Gléacht, will also be premiered at the festival. The work is based on ‘outsider artist’ Caomhín Breathnach, also the basis of her work Dordán, and features film footage, tapes and live performers Nick Roth, Panos Ghikas, M.C. Schmidt, and Walshe.

In addition to film events, there are also workshops in audio production, and a number of musical events. CAOS Ensemble, a new ‘pop-up’ group led by composer Nick Roth, will create and improvise soundtracks to specially-selected footage (14 Nov). Participation is open to the public, for any age, level or ability. More information about the project is available from the National Concert Hall. The IFI and Bottlenose are also working together to present live improvised soundtracks performed by some of the country’s top contemporary performers, including Seán MacErlaine, Shane Latimer and Sean Carpio (15 Nov). Visiting audiovisual and electroacoustic artist Robert Curgenven will present a concert with multiple turntables, acetates and low frequency oscillators (13 Nov).

The Cork Film Festival takes place 6 – 15 November in venues in Cork. More information can be found at 

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