Ann Cleare’s phôsphors (… of ether) to receive UK premiere

writingA work by Ann Cleare will be given its UK premiere by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra this month.

The work, titled phôsphors (… of ether) was originally written for the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra, and premiered by them in 2013. It will be featured on a Hear and Now programme with two other UK premieres (Franck Bedrossian’s Itself and Johannes Schöllhorn’s Dämmerung Schmetterlinge (Twilight Butterflies)), as well as a World Premiere by Berlin-based composer Rebecca Saunders.

From the work’s programme note:

phôsphors (… of ether) comprises three instrumental islands, which do not know of each other’s existence. These islands have been designed with particular registral, harmonic, and timbral characteristics, behavioural qualities, and temporalities that are unique to each island…A fourth composite of timpani, percussion, and harp act not so much as an island but as a mobile force, a sonic antennae that can branch its ears and handles outward to all three islands, moving between them, carrying sonic colours, energies, and matter amongst them”

The Hear and Now concert takes place on 26 November at the Grand Hall at City Halls, Glasgow. For more information about the concert, see the BBC SSO website.

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