Jennifer Walshe collaborates on opera in Toronto on 4 October

Composer Jennifer Walshe collaborates with Tony Conrad and Francesco Gagliardi in Toronto on a ‘street spectacle shadow opera’ called The Signing.

The event takes place in Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto on 4 October and is a large multimedia event that not only includes experimental film, video, sound, installation and performance art, but will also utilise social media as part of the work. Centred on the myth of Orpheus and Euridice, the narrative focusses on the tension of the singing of a contract, while the two characters will also communicate via Twitter, with each other and with the public.

In addition to the involvement of Walshe and Conrad, videos from a ‘Digital Chorus’ comprised of artists from across the world will be featured in the work, as well as available on a Tumblr page,

The event is part of Toronto’s festival of creativity, Nuit Blanche, which takes place from 5–13 October, featuring over a hundred events, both commissioned by the City of Toronto and independent projects.

Following this project, Jennifer Walshe will travel to the Donaueschingen Music Days 2014 for a premiere of a new work on 18 October commissioned by the festival.

Listen to an interview with Jennifer Walshe about The Signing and her new work for Donaueschingen Music Days

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